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First week back. What a productive two days we have had in Lawrence Class so far this week. As part of our Awesome Authors theme…

Golden Time at Windmill Primary

What is it?

Our children proudly uphold our values and demonstrate our ‘learning behaviours’ and as a result are entitled to reward time.

Golden Time follows the procedures outlined below:

At the start of a week pupils have an entitlement of 30 minutes reward time (Golden Time - GT), which will be awarded on a Friday afternoon, if they uphold our values and meet expectations all week.

On a Monday morning, pupils will decide what they would like to do during their GT from a choice of activities. These are then set for the week.

Through the week, pupils’ behaviour is managed using the following procedure:

  • Each session is a fresh start for all pupils
  • If pupils are not upholding our values or meeting our expectations then the following system will be applied in order. If behaviours continue then pupils will move to the next stage:

1. The behaviour toolbox must be applied. We follow the 1, 2, 3 Magic Approach. This can include reminder of expectation/s, encouragement to change their behaviour, distraction tactics etc.

2. A verbal and visual recognition that they need to ‘Think about their options… And make the right  choice’

3. 5 minutes of GT is taken away – this is recorded on the class record chart (this can never be earned back) and on the individual pupils GT behaviour record sheet

4. Time out from class with their work (Pupil is moved to an area that is away from the rest of the class but still close enough to be monitored by their teacher) (this should be for a limited amount of time (approx 10 mins) - the teacher must talk to the pupil at an appropriate time and get the pupil to return to class asap)

5. Mr Bateson, Mrs Brett or Mrs Durrheim will be called for – they will make a decision on next steps for management (further discussion regarding pupil’s behaviour will then be had at the next non-teaching point – your child’s Phase Leader will also be included in this)

6. Mr Coleman will be called for (a meeting will be held with the Senior Leadership Team to discuss pupil's behaviour and any further support or intervention that is needed)

  • GT will be held every Friday at 2.30pm across the school
  • At the end of the week any pupil who has lost ‘GT’ will have to attend a designated place with a slip that outlines how much GT they have left and what they lost it for. A member of the Leadership Team will conduct the loss of GT with the pupils
  • Pupils will only ever lose GT in 5 minute intervals
  • A graded system is also in place for pupils who lose certain amounts of GT through the week. If a pupil has:
  • 20 minutes of GT left – Class Teacher needs to see the Phase Leader at the next available non-teaching time and the Phase Leader will see the pupil. Parents/Carers will be informed via ParentMail or through a phone call/verbally on the playground
  • 10 minutes of GT left – Class Teacher needs to see Mr Bateson, Mrs Brett or Mrs Durrheim at the next available non-teaching time and then they will see the pupil. Parents/Carers will be informed through phone call/ verbally on the playground
  • 0 minutes of GT left – Class Teacher needs to see Mr Coleman at the next available non-teaching time and then he will see the pupil. Parents/Carers will be informed through phone call/ verbally on the playground and a meeting called with the parent, teacher and Phase Leader 

The pupils love the Golden Time concept and behaviour in school is excellent as a result. If you have any questions about our behaviour system then please email us by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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