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Windmill Primary School Values

Why our Values are so important...

Being a values-based school allows the whole school community to come together as one, with a shared understanding of our high expectations. In the years that we have promoted and 'lived by' our values, we have seen an improved sense of responsibiliy and pride taken by all stakeholders in all areas.

Our eight core values are:

  • Respect - being able to act in a way that shows you care about others feelings and well-being. You can have respect for others and you can have respect for yourself.
  • Honesty - telling the truth, no matter what consequences you may face.
  • Compassion - caring about others and wanting to help in a situation in order to make somebody feel happier.
  • Responsibility – looking after yourselves, your property and others. Behaving in a way that supports your learning.
  • Resilience – being able to face challenges again and again and never giving up.
  • Courage – being brave as you meet new experiences or difficult situations.
  • Ambition – having a strong desire for success and aiming high in order to achieve what you want.
  • Unity – working together as one.

Reinforcing and Teaching our Values:

Our core values are a fundamental part of school life. They are referred to daily and pupils and staff will show a good understanding of how their actions reflect each value and support a cohesive community.

Our core values are taught through:

  • Whole school assemblies
  • Value house assemblies
  • PSHE lessons
  • P4C sessions 
  • Circle times
  • Discussions with adults

Our core values are reinforced and rewarded through:

  • Value House assemblies
  • House tokens
  • Celebration assemblies
  • Principal and SLT recognition
  • Values displays in each classroom
  • Values displays in each building

Whole school assemblies focus on the teaching of values and the reinforcement of the actions needed to reflect appropriate behaviours that enables our community to become cohesive and focused on the same vision.

Values Houses:

  • Each house is named after one of our values and is led by named staff members.
  • All pupils and staff (including governors) are allocated to a house with a mix of ages across each house.
  • Siblings are not in the same houses and staff/governor members with children at the school are also allocated to different houses.
  • Each house is allocated a colour to support younger pupils being able to engage with the house system.

How Value Houses impact on the reinforcement of values?

  • Value tokens are awarded to pupils and staff for demonstrating actions that reflect the upholding of the school’s values. As tokens are awarded the value that they are awarded for is reinforced e.g. "Well done, you have shown respect to others by speaking to… in a kind and thoughtful manner."
  • Value Houses meet collectively together every fortnight on a Thursday morning. During this time they will count their tokens and reflect on how well they have displayed our values during that time period.
  • House assemblies also enable specific values to be focused on if required.
  • Opportunities for pupils and staff to work more collaboratively together across the school. 
  • Each house will select a charity that they will learn about and support.
  • At the end of each half term the whole school will meet together to present the winning house with their rewards for earning the most house tokens. The winning house will be rewarded with:
    • a mufti-day
    • their house banner being displayed for the next half-term
    • £50.00 donation to their selected charity.

How do our values raise standards at Windmill Primary School?

  • Improve the behaviour of pupils as they have a better understanding of traits that contribute to improved citizenship.
  • Improve the sense of community within Windmill Primary School enabling pupils and staff members to work across the school.
  • Hold all members of the community to account for their behaviours and attitudes.
  • Ensure that there is a shared vision and understanding of what we as a school are striving for.
  • Will feed into all policies and practices at Windmill Primary School enabling good links between all aspects of school life.
  • All pupils and staff will have intrinsic motivation to be the best that they can be.

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